Black Jedi Kush Strain Information:

Black Jedi Kush is an indica that will awaken the powerful psychic knight within. This strain was devised by Cali Connections — the creators of strains like Deadhead OG and Alien OG — as a cross between knockout indica Death Star and SFV OG Kush. It offers a nuanced, multi-layered high that, despite its indica genetics, is not too heavly. Although it may not give you the power of mind control, Black Jedi Kush is sure to add a psychedelic new dimension to your day. Cannabis testing laboratories have consistently found samples of Black Jedi Kush to have between 15% and a whopping 30% THC, making it highly potent for both cannabis and veterans.

This strain offers a slow, creeping high. It may be several minutes after smokers have enjoyed its complex flavor combination before they begin to feel a gradual warping of their sensory perception. Sights and sounds may take on a new dimension; users also describe a powerful sense of time dilation. It can inspire creativity as well as deep analysis for work on problem-oriented tasks. Alternatively, this strain can be great for spacing out and daydreaming while enjoying one’s surroundings. In addition to these cerebral vibes, a slight, tingling body high leaves smokers with newfound energy and motivation — this combination of mental and physical effects is great for activities that involve both, like exercise, dancing, and even sex. Black Jedi Jedi Kush’s versatile effects may have several applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its subtle physical relaxation can soothe mild aches and pains, as well as irritations like headaches and nausea.

A complex indica, Black Jedi Kush can be a great way to enhance everything from hiking to board games.