Free On-Demand cannabis Distribution in LOS ANGELES

Updated info on covid-19 outbreak

The health and safety of our teammates, motorists, and consumers is our top priority as well as we are all responsible for lowering the danger to others. To guarantee we’re taking all essential preventative measures, we wish to remind you that we have the right to refuse service to anyone due to raising need and restricted capability.

Here at Canna Approach, we strive to make your cannabis distribution as easy, fast, as well as discreet as possible. Our menu makes sure to attract all types of marijuana users with a range of premium cannabis brand names as well as items to pick from. Orders might be provided within 45 to 90 mins or arranged for a later time slot. We have complimentary shipment alternatives available for every postal code within our zones. Our delivery process is simple as well as a lot more convenient than any type of dispensary. As long as you meet the minimum for your zip code, you will obtain your distribution within the marked amount of time *.

The present state of our economic climate and also gas costs are putting everybody in a difficult area, as well as however, as a delivery service, our drivers are managing enhancing fuel expenditures. As of 09/01/22, the order amount will certainly consist of a short-lived gas additional charge of $.99, and also this will certainly be paid straight to our drivers to make up for the greater fuel costs. Thanks for your understanding and also your endless support.

Flowers and edibles are not included.

Batteries and Cartridges: All cartridges and batteries should be tested with the driver when the items are first delivered. To claim a free exchange for a non-working battery and/or a cartridge, the test must be done during the first delivery. If a non-working item is confirmed in the test, a free exchange will be scheduled immediately. Customers may refuse the driver’s offer to test the cartridges or batteries, but doing so may disqualify the possibility of exchanges or returns. We cannot accommodate exchanges on products purchased longer than 7 days prior. A signature will be required to acknowledge these terms. 

Flowers: There will be no exchanges or returns on opened jars of flower, partially consumed or not. If a patient feels there is some sort of discrepancy, it must be addressed with the driver and prior to opening said product. All sales will be final on opened product.