Best Of 4 Weed Brands/Strains To Buy Present Day

Best Of 4 Weed Brands/Strains To Buy Present Day

Greetings, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! It’s a joyous occasion as we celebrate April 20th, which is the first time in over two years that we can pass a joint or bong to our favorite stoner buddies without fear. Cannabis has always been a communal drug, and it’s a relief that we can finally come together to share in its pleasures.

Best Of 4 Weed Brands/Strains To Buy Present Day

Although stoners are often the butt of jokes for believing that the world would be a better place to buy weed online if everyone smoked, anyone who has passed a joint among a random group of people at a party knows the truth: good herb brings people together. It offers us a chance to bond, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. As we celebrate the power of cannabis on this momentous 4/20, it’s important to bring your A-game and show up with some high-quality herbs.

However, before you drop a significant amount of money on top-shelf weed, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. While high-quality cannabis often comes with a hefty price tag, this isn’t always the case. Low-THC strains from respected cultivators can be a fantastic bargain, as the market often over-values THC percentage. But like alcohol, some brands ask for more than they are worth.

In honor of 4/20 and our love for top-shelf cannabis, we’ve compiled a list of the strains that are worth the investment. We have personally sampled each of these strains multiple times and can attest to their quality and consistency. These strains stand out from the crowd in terms of their delicious flavors and fantastic highs. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the best herb you’ll smoke all year!


Alien Labs — Galactic Gas Strain

THC: 27.68%

Flavor & Effects:

Alien Labs, a premier cannabis cultivator in California, is known for producing some of the most visually stunning flowers in the state. The brand’s strains boast dense, crystal-coated buds with wiry orange hairs and purple flecks throughout, and the hybrid strain Xeno is no exception. Xeno is a cross between Zkittlez and blue mimosa, apple gas, and features a mesmerizing deep green color with dark purple flecks that catch the eye.

The aroma of Xeno is sweet and slightly fruity, with a diesel-forward body that hints at the potency of this strain. When consumed, Xeno produces a gentle buzz behind the eyes that gradually spreads throughout the body, leading to intense feelings of calm and giddy euphoria. With its gorgeous appearance and exceptional effects, Xeno is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

The Bottom Line

Expensive, sure, but the bud is consistently sticky to the touch and fragrant, two good indicators of quality weed. I’ve yet to smoke an Alien Labs strain that disappoints, and Xeno is one of the best. ‘’

CBX — Cereal Milk

THC: 31.36%

Flavor & Effects: CBX’s Cereal Milk is hands down my favorite cannabis strain currently on the market in California. While I’ll admit that the price of a jar of this stuff is well past the level of being considered absurd, Vader on, what you’re getting in each eighth is high-quality bud harvested not long before being packaged for your smoking pleasure. Best Of 4 Weed Brands/Strains To Buy Present Day.

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain features frosty green buds that provide euphoria and a munchie-inducing high. At 31% THC, a single hit of this stuff, regardless of your tolerance level, will result in a sudden head change that will have you blissfully content with the moment. Time feels like it’s standing still when you’re smoking Cereal Milk, remember that it’s not though or you’ll end up spending the day listening to records and exploring your thoughts (not a bad day, if you have some free time).The Bottom LineAn earthy citrus-forward weed with sweet top notes that will instantly transport you to a calm state of well-being.

Connected Cannabis — Gelonade

Price: $65

THC: 25.7%

Flavor & Effects:

Connected Cannabis’ Gelonade is a premium sativa-dominant strain that delivers a quick and euphoric high without weighing you down. With a citrusy flavor profile and sticky texture, this strain is perfect for outdoor activities like visiting museums or having lunch. Just be careful when handling the buds as they can be sticky and gunky.

The Bottom Line

Truly premium cannabis, Connected’s indoor strains are an embodiment of the advances that are capable of controlled growing setups. Sticky, flavorful, and powerful.

House Plant — Bomb Cyclone

Price: $60

THC: 27.52%

Flavor & Effects:

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant is a celebrity weed brand that focuses on quality cultivation and meticulously thought-out packaging. The brand’s Bomb Cyclone, an Indica-leaning hybrid strain, is a current favorite with citrus and mint flavors over an earthy pine-forward body. The dominant terpenes produce a stress-free high that keeps the mind sharp and the body from feeling weighed down.

The Bottom Line

A mix of pepper, mint, and fruit flavors combine for a relaxing high that strikes that perfect balance between sativa and indica-leaning traits.

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